Linking customer satisfaction to commercial objectives with photography and video

By 6th June 2016Content and Commerce


Is your online content ‘sitting pretty’ or is it driving sales for your business?

It’s no secret that shoppers are increasingly taking to the internet to find out information about products and make purchases. More than ever, retailers (those who continue to evolve) are responding to customer behaviour online and are adapting their content for a more savvy, more demanding consumer. Website visitors want the full customer service experience, before, during and after the sale….

All at the click of a mouse.

Commercially speaking, Bradwell Media believe that digital content should improve conversion, reduce abandon rates and reduce after sales queries and returns by proactively helping the customer through every step of their shopping journey. In doing so, you’ll achieve a whole host of customer satisfaction objectives that mean they’ll come back to you long after their first encounter with your brand.

Whether you’re in the business of furniture, tech, clothing, jewellery, health and beauty (in fact any product at all)… you don’t just want ‘pretty content’ (although that helps too!), you’ll want to make sure that your customer has all the necessary information to aid their purchase, at exactly the moment you need them to have it.

Check out our video to find out a few ways Bradwell Media achieve this for our clients…

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