Adapting Product Content for Social Channels

Adapting product content for social channels image

Retailers and product manufactures are still working out the best way to monetise social channels, yet keeping them fed with enough content is a real challenge.

For many products, a lot of content already exists, legacy from catalogue and web-page needs, so can’t we just use those images on social?

To answer this, we have to consider why our customer use social media; the appeal often lies in the right source of ideas and inspiration that it carries, and the fact that they can be accessed so quickly.

There are big differences in the way content works in other channels.

In catalogues, complex, expensive images are created to inspire and be pored over and revisited, and can have a shelf life of 6-12 months. In social they disappear from the feed almost instantly.

On a web-page, images are consistent, functional and accurate, giving the customer information about the product so they can decide to buy or not. In social images inspire.

Just these simple examples provide a clear brief for creating social content in product retail.

Good social content needs a formula for creating high volume, low cost images to feel their channels, and it needs concept that provides inspiration while featuring the product.

This drives a distinct approach to the production of images for social; they have to be low cost and they require simple, adaptable set ups that can be re-used and modified, allowing high volumes of content with plenty of variety.

The big win comes when workflows are adapted to incorporate the production of content for existing channels and social media within the same process, and that’s the point where the social content becomes very low cost.

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