4 tips to create content that builds online sales

By 2nd June 2016Content Tactics
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Nothing stands still in digital retail. Platforms evolve, tech innovations come and go, promising the new best way to drive sales and conversion.  Not surprising then that it’s easy to lose focus on the core foundations of digital retail.

Product content is one of those foundations. By its very nature, in digital retail many products can only be viewed on screen so shoppers rely totally on product images, video and text to understand and experience the products they want to buy.

No surprise then that the better your content is, the bigger the role it plays in driving sales, reducing abandon rates and even return rates. The challenge for many brands and retailers selling tens of thousands of lines online, is that the logistics ad costs of generating product assets are huge.

So what tools can be used to improve this process?

  1. Invest in the briefing process. The key to knowing what the best content is, lies in knowing your product and your consumers. Good content gives shoppers the right amount of product information to answer they main purchasing questions.
  2. Match content to the product. A one-size fits all approach doesn’t work in practice. For some products video is the best way to tell the story, for others it’s more complex tables and buying guides.
  3. Squeeze as much as you can out of the production process. You can get so much more than you think out of a shoot. The key is in the planning, and the ability to anticipate the needs of all of your platforms and channels, and make sure they are in scope. Re-editing and repurposing are brilliant tools to get even more value for money from content.
  4. Test and Learn. Content has to drive sales. It’s about the commercial impact, not just about achieving a particular aesthetic. When you’re hitting the customer’s sweet spot you’ll see the results.

Gabrielle O’Hare

Gabrielle O’Hare runs Bradwell Media; Argos’ in-house photography studio. Bradwell Media also offers services for brands and retailers outside of HRG.


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